Friday, July 23, 2010


Imagine that the world had invented a new “dream product” to feed and immunize everyone born on Earth. Imagine also that it was available everywhere, required no storage or delivery-and helped mothers to plan their families and reduce the risk of cancer.
Then imagine that the world refused to use it. (Unicef)

Congratulations! You have recently welcomed a new baby and are aware that breastfeeding is the most nutritious feeding choice--many modern mothers are choosing to breastfeed! Welcome to Nurse Fisher's blog, where our goal is to assist parents to successfully breastfeed. In future posts, I will give tips, offer suggestions, and provide information to help you and your baby as you learn this wonderful skill. Thank you for visiting our blog--please click "follow" at the right of this post so that you won't miss anything. If you have need of a more personal consultation, or if you need more information, please visit my website at Nurse will help you all of the way!